Senior Citizen Advisory Committee


  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 
  • Third Wednesday of every month (Please check the Calendar for exceptions).
  • Held virtually - Check Calendar for Zoom link.
  • Jim F. Bohen
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Cheryl C. Deaven
    Term Expires: January 2022
  • Susan Dyson
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Ruth N. Hannum
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Alan P. Hawkins
    Term Expires: January 2022
  • Tim Kauffman
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Herbert B. Landau
    Term Expires: January 2023

Ordinance 2020-5 Establishing Advisory Committees

Resolution 2020-48 Establishing Senior Citizen Advisory Committee


To propose to the Board of Commissioners ideas, thoughts and recommendations on how to improve or develop new services or plans to engage the senior community and how to improve the lives of the senior population in the Township, both in the short and long term.

Structure and Organization

  • The committee shall be a standing committee. 
  • The committee shall consist of up to 9 members appointed by the Commissioners pursuant to and subject to the provisions of § 3- 2 of the Code. 
  • The committee shall meet at least 4 times per year. 
  • The Commissioners shall annually appoint a Chair and Vice Chair for the committee. 
  • The committee is subject to and shall comply with all ofthe provisions of Chapter 3 of the Code setting forth the requirements and limitations of citizens' advisory committees. 
  • The committee is strictly advisory in nature and has no decision -making authority. 
  • The committee is prohibited from incurring expenses, making payments, entering contracts, leases or obligations or otherwise binding the Township without the expressed consent of the Commissioners.