Fire Council


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Bi-monthly beginning in January on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Meetings are held at each fire station on a rotation. Please check the Calendar for the exact location by meeting date.

Fire Council Minutes(PDF)


  • Troy Slaymaker, President
    Term Expires: Appointed ex-officio
  • Jim Damm, Vice President
    Term Expires: Appointed ex-officio
  • Rick Kane, Secretary
    Term Expires: Appointed ex-officio
  • Anthony Shoffstall
    Term Expires: Appointed ex-officio
  • Gary Gaissert
    Term Expires: January 2020
  • Frank Dogger
    Term Expires: January 2021
  • Stephanie Rudzinski
    Term Expires: January 2022
  • Albert B. Kling, Commissioner
    Term Expires: Appointed ex-officio
  • Sean P. Molchany, Township Manager
    Term Expires: Appointed ex-officio

Become a Volunteer (PDF)


The Manheim Township Fire Council was created by the Board of Commissioners in response to a Fire Services Survey conducted in 1992. The survey identified a need to coordinate activities and awareness between the three volunteer fire companies serving Manheim Township. Today, the Fire Council is part of the Manheim Township Fire Rescue (MTFR) system and is composed of representatives of the Township and the volunteer fire companies to review mostly administrative and financial items pertaining to the fire rescue service.

Members of Fire Council include the Township Manager, the Commissioner for Public Safety and the three (3) volunteer fire chiefs, all appointed "ex-officio" because of their positions or offices held. The Council also is served by three (3) citizens-at-large appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The Fire Chief of Manheim Township Fire Rescue professionally supports the Fire Council as a non-voting member and recording secretary.

These eight (8) members meet bi-monthly, beginning in January, on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. according to the following schedule of locations: January and July meetings will be held at the MTFR - Eden Station, March and September meetings will be held at the Neffsville Fire Company and May and November meetings will be held at the MTFR - Southern Station.