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How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
Dissemination of a police report is very limited and is controlled by State and Federal law. Under certain circumstances, limited information may be released. The release of police investigative reports is tightly controlled, primarily by Chapter 91 of the Crimes Code (Criminal History Record Information Act), which generally prohibits the release of copies or information from police investigative reports to persons other than those in the criminal justice system. Limited information may be available to some individuals in specific cases, but a subpoena or a Court Order will be required to obtain information dependent upon the specific circumstances involved.
For information on specific requests call the Manheim Township Police Department number, (717) 569-6401 during normal business hours. Once connected, press zero (0) and ask for the Records Department.

Police Department

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Manheim Township • 1840 Municipal Drive • Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601 • 717-569-6408
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