Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit

Obtaining a Permit for an Accessory Dwelling Unit

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is an independent, self-sufficient dwelling unit, with complete kitchen and bath facilities, which is either entirely contained within a single-family dwelling unit and has direct access to the outdoors, or which has a common hall with a single-family detached dwelling for occupancy by either an elderly, handicapped, or disabled person related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the occupants of the principal dwelling. An Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit is required.

Follow this link to obtain a permit application and instructions for applying for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit (PDF).

The Zoning Hearing Board will hear the case at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Following approval from the Zoning Hearing Board, the applicant must comply with the following:

  • Any additions or alterations require application for building permits and associated inspections.
  • Completion of an application for a “Certificate of Use and Occupancy”.
  • Schedule all inspections required by the Code Compliance Department.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit shall be issued by the Planning and Zoning Department after the Certificate of Use and Occupancy has been issued.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit expires December 31st of each year. Once granted the Permit may be renewed without additional hearings subject to Accessory Dwelling Units. Complete the Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit “Renewal Form” to renew the Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit. Failure to apply for an annual renewal permit shall be grounds for revocation of a permit.

Revocation Policy

The Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit shall be deemed to be automatically revoked if for some reason the application no longer meets the requirements for such use, upon vacation the Accessory Dwelling Unit or principal dwelling unit by the property owner or those related by blood or marriage to the property owner or if the property is sold. The Permits holder shall notify the Zoning Officer in writing, within ninety (90) days once the Accessory Dwelling Unit is no longer needed. Upon notification, the Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit shall be terminated. The applicant shall then comply with the terms of the restoration plan within ninety (90) days of the date of termination.

The Zoning Officer, or designee, shall have the right at any time, upon responsible request, to enter and inspect an Accessory Dwelling Unit for which an Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit has been issued.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contract the Planning and Zoning Department.