Radon Mitigation Systems

The installation of a Radon Mitigation Systems in an existing home regulated at the State level by the Department of Environmental Protection, Radon Division.

Passive systems (systems with no active fan installed) are installed in new dwellings during construction as is required per Manheim Township Ordinance 2004-7, which adopted Appendix F, Radon Control Methods for new construction.

PA DEP administers a certification program for radon testing, mitigation and laboratory analysis, individuals and firms. Assistance is provided to homeowners, builders and institutions for the monitoring and mitigation of radon.

  • Use the DEP’s Mitigator List sorted alphabetically by county to locate certified radon contractors. It is recommended that a contractor certified by the PA DEP be used to install radon reduction systems.
  • Electrical Permit Required: An over-the-counter Electrical Permit (PDF) is required when a new circuit is installed to power a radon fan or if a circuit is extended to provide power for a radon fan. All new wiring and circuit(s) are subject to field inspection and approval by Manheim Township upon completion of the electrical work.