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Comprehensive Plan Process

Manheim Township, which is designated as a First-Class Township, is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners.  The Township encompasses about 22.6 square miles with an estimated population of 44,138 and is the largest Township by population in Lancaster County.  The Township is also located along the northern boundary of the City of Lancaster, in the central portion of the County. It possesses a rich history as one of the oldest and largest communities in Lancaster County.  Population growth over the years has been strong as newcomers and long-time residents alike find the Township a pleasant community in which to live.

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In 2023-2025, Manheim Township will be conducting a major update of its Comprehensive Plan for consistency with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), the Lancaster County Connects2040 Comprehensive Plan, and the comprehensive plans of neighboring municipalities such as the City of Lancaster, Planning our Future Lancaster, 2023 Comprehensive Plan.

The Manheim Township Comprehensive Plan is a guide for how we as a community will manage change in both the short term and long term for land use and the public facilities and services necessary to support that growth. A fundamental principle of the Comprehensive Plan update process is to ensure that future growth in the Township is shaped with the input, guidance, and consent of all our citizens through a robust outreach process that will be as inclusive as possible for a Township as diverse as ours. The Township also needs to acknowledge the needs of all its residents regardless of geographic location. Inclusiveness is not only about respecting the traditional definitions of diversity.

The two-year process will involve staff in each department, Boards and Commissions, and an enhanced community engagement process. The goal is to adopt the updated plan in mid- late 2025.

MT Comp Plan Documents
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