Community Life Task Force

"Improving lives, supporting our neighbors and sharing solutions."

The Manheim Township Community Life Task Force is a coalition of citizens and representatives of various Township organizations whose mission is “to identify issues in the Manheim Township community and actively address them by coordinating resources through communication, cooperation and support." Organizations that participate are the Police Department, School District, Student Council, Ministerium, Commissioners' Office, Fire Department, Ambulance Association, Township residents, several service clubs and other social service organizations.

Some of the CLTF’s initiatives include a domestic violence education campaign, highway safety program during the Route 30 construction project, improved Township media communications, coordination of the Township’s 275th anniversary celebration, and drug and alcohol awareness. These initiatives are met through educating students, parents and our community.

The Community Life Task Force meets at 7:00 P.M. on the first Thursday of the month at the Manheim Township Police Department.

President - Pastor Craig Ross
Secretary - Monica Daniel-Barber

A community service awards program, sponsored by the Manheim Township Community Life Task Force, Community Life Services, Inc., and the Manheim Township Commissioners has begun here in the Township. Two community service awards will be a part of the program - the Manheim Township Community Service Award for residents of the Township and a Youth Service Award for youth in the Township, grades 7 to 12. The program is for Manheim Township residents only; individuals only; groups are excluded. Nominee must be a Manheim Township resident, but may volunteer for an organization outside of the Township. The deadline to submit your nomination is Friday, December 15, 2017. A selected group of community leaders will then judge the nomination forms and select the winners. Presentation of the awards will be made at a Commissioners' meeting during the month of March 2018.

To nominate someone in the Township whose activities have impacted or benefited the community, please complete CLTF Community Service Award Nomination Form (PDF).