What can we do about hundreds or thousands of crows roosting on our property?
Manheim Township is not equipped and does not have the manpower to address crows that migrate and roost on private property in the Township. Fortunately, there is a local organization in Lancaster County that does assist property owners with this type of problem. Residents and property owners are advised to contact the Lancaster Crow Coalition for guidance and assistance.

Crows are generally not classified as pests, although when thousands are roosting over your home or street, this situation and crows are difficult to defend. While crows inadvertently and naturally choose places to roost that sometimes cause problems to humans, they are intelligent and can be trained or educated to relocate to natural areas.

The Lancaster Crow Coalition will not respond to crows living naturally and not roosting in large groups and not causing problems. The phrase "...a lot of crows..." refers to groups in the hundreds or thousands -- not to small groups of one or two families in a tree. Coalition volunteers will attempt to manage the birds if they are causing real problems for residents and businesses. The goal is to educate the birds, by which Coalition volunteers will temporarily harass the animals so they learn where they are welcome and where they are not. Again, crows should be left alone if they're not in parking lots, on rubber or asphalt roofs, or in trees along densely-populated streets (where their droppings land on cars or sidewalks).

If you are having problems with crows, please contact the Lancaster Crow Coalition at its Hotline #


NOTE: When calling, you may be connected to voice mail, but you will receive a return call within 12-24 hours, 7 days a week. If need be, one of the Coalition volunteers will visit your location to assess the situation.Lancaster Crow Coalition website

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