Do I need a permit to install a fire alarm, and/or burglary, panic or robbery alarm system in my home or business?

Yes, a Residential Fire Alarm Permit (PDF) is required by the Code Compliance Department for the installation or modification of a fire alarm system, either hard-wired or remote, 12 or 24 volt. If the system is a monitored system, then the fire alarm contractor must be registered with Manheim Township. For more information regarding fire alarms, contact the Code Compliance Department at 717-569-6406 ext. 6 or Code Compliance

The Manheim Township Police Department requires an alarm (security) permit for all properties using a burglary, panic or robbery alarm system. This permit is valid for up to three years. For information regarding permitting for the installation of a burglary alarm system in your home or business, contact the Police Department at 1825 Municipal Drive, or call 717-569-6401 or email to

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