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Morgan Program Center

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The Manheim Township Public Library's Morgan Program Center offers space for private, business, nonprofit, and community organizations. The facility can be reserved and used for a fee.

Morgan Program Center A + B + C

This combination of three dividable rooms is the largest facility in the library. The high ceiling, bright lighting, and remotely controlled window shades make this state of the art facility ideal for presentations, fundraisers, concerts, discussions, dinners, parties, and events with flexibility to meet many needs.  The combination of rooms can hold up to 192 persons in chairs. Also available are rectangular tables which can seat up to 6, or circular tables which can seat up to 7.

The center room hosts a built in audio system that connects to a high definition overhead digital projector. Lighting options include full bright fluorescent and dimmable fluorescent or halogen lighting.

If the full program romm is too much, the large room can be divided into three individual rooms. Each has a capacity of up to 64 individuals in chairs.

Morgan Center Room A
This is the most interior room in the facility and is closest to the teaching kitchen and bathrooms.

Morgan Center Room B
This room is middle room which has a built-in ceiling projector, large projection screen, a built-in sound system, and windows with full or partial blinds.

Morgan Center Room C
This is the most exterior room in the facility with a corner window that has a partial blind.