On-line RECREATION PROGRAM Registration Page

Welcome to the Manheim Township Park and Recreation online registration page. From this page you can register for recreation programs from the convenience of your home and computer. Please refer to the On-Line Registration Procedures.

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On-Line RECREATION PROGRAMS Enrollment Procedures

Please read the following instructions and then click on the link below:

1. At any time you may log in as a "guest" to view the recreational activities. However, to complete a registration transaction and enroll in a program, you must create a personal on-line account.

2. Setting up an account is easy. IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED WITH US BEFORE FOR ACTIVITIES, PASSES OR A TOWNSHIP ID CARD, you must call the recreation office (290-7180 x 3100) to obtain an activation ID and account password to activate your on-line account. During this phone call, the recreation department staff will work with you to verifying all of your household information (household members, member birth dates, address, phone number, valid e-mail address) at that time. This information is required in order to register on-line.

3. IF YOU ARE A NEW CUSTOMER, enter all information required at "First Time or New User?" on the Web Portal page (CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE to redirect to our WEB RECREATION ACTIVITIES PORTAL to sign up for activities). Once you have opened this link, follow the command prompts. After submitting required information, you will be contacted (via e-mail or telephone) by our office with your initial activation ID and password.


1. Not all activities may be available for on-line registration. Please contact the Recreation Department to confirm.

2. When you register on-line, you will have several search options to choose from. Should you choose to search by Activity Number, please enter only the first 5 digits of the activity.

3. If you are having difficulty accessing the on-line registration site or signing in as a customer, please call the recreation office at (717) 290.7180 x 3100, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.