Safety Policy

Manheim Township Safety Policy - Resolution 2013-38

Manheim Township recognizes its responsibility to the safety of its employees, citizens, volunteers, contractors and to the protection of its assets. To fulfill this continual obligation, Manheim Township is committed to ensuring that the identification, evaluation, prioritization, and cost-effective control of risks are an integral part of all operations of the organization.

Manheim Township’s elected officials and operational management are committed to promoting a culture that encourages Safety and Risk Management at all levels of the organization by providing:

- Clear expectation and follow through,

- The appropriate resources to effectively control risks associated with employee and public safety and protection of property, and

- Properly trained leadership, management and employees.

All elected officials, managers, employees, volunteers and contractors are expected to execute the objective that the most efficient, and only acceptable way, to complete any task is by purposefully minimizing risk.