Trees and Shrubs

Trees, Bushes and Shrubs
All trees, bushes and shrubs shall be maintained to prevent the creation of a dangerous condition as determined by the code official per Ordinance 2018-4 Property Maintenance Code of Manheim Township

Tree or Shrub Limbs Overhanging a Property Line
This is a civil matter which cannot be enforced by the Township. The Township strongly advises you to first talk to the neighboring property owner to see if they will trim the branch or authorize you to trim it back.

An aggrieved landowner is entitled to trim the branches back to the property line, and this is true even if the overhanging branches do not damage the property. Also, if the landowner has incurred reasonable expenses in the course of exercising this remedy, he/she/they may recoup those expenses from the neighboring property owner.

Again, working with your neighbor is always the recommended before taking unannounced action by cutting branches on a neighbor's tree or shrub.

Removing Trees in the Public Right-of-Way
A permit is required for anyone who is interested in removing a tree located in the public right-of-way. A permit is only issued if the tree is in decline or decay as a potential hazard. The applicant must complete a form which is available at the Municipal Office. There is no fee for the permit. Should you have any additional questions contact Manheim Township Public Works at 717-569-6406 ext. 1129, or email.