Community Profile


Manheim Township has had a long history of population growth. The earliest US census figures reveal a total population of 780 residents in Manheim Township in the year 1790 (the first US Census). The Township has grown continuously in each following census. Prior to 1980, Manheim Township's growth had outpaced the majority of municipalities in Lancaster County. As a result, with the exception of the City of Lancaster, Manheim Township currently is the second largest municipality in population in Lancaster County behind only the City of Lancaster with a population of 38,113 in (2010), which was an increase of 13.1% since the Census 2000 population of 33,697. 

The historic population growth trends of the Township provide some insight to the anticipated growth of the future. Although the Township population continues to increase, the period from 1990 to 2000 experienced an increase in population change over the decade of 16.68% from 28,880.


Convenient linkages to major transportation routes through the Lancaster metropolitan area are available to Township residents and businesses. Two Federal (US Route 222 and 30), and seven State roads (PA Routes 283, 4011, 72, 501, 272, 23 and 230) connect the Township to the region. The proximity of the City of Lancaster to many larger eastern cities, provides Manheim Township residents with convenient access to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington, and reasonable access to New York, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

Airline and commuter rail service is also available to residents of Manheim Township. The Township hosts the Lancaster Airport, with daily commuter air service. The Lancaster Amtrak Station provides daily east and west rail service on the Keystone Corridor.


Manheim Township has independent jurisdiction over police, fire and emergency services, Township roadways and parks, public safety, health and welfare, building codes, planning and zoning, refuse collection and disposal.

The City of Lancaster Water Department has jurisdiction over the Township’s water supply.

The majority of the Township’s sewer system is administered by Lancaster Area Sewer Authority. A few properties are administered by the City of Lancaster Public Works Department.

Primary education is provided by the Manheim Township School District which is overseen by the Manheim Township School Board.