Farmers Markets


FARMERS MARKET - A periodic market held in an open area, parking lot, or structure as an accessory use to an institutional use, public or semi-public use, or municipal use or supermarket at which fruits, vegetables, breads, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, flowers, and the like are sold to the public by persons who typically grow, harvest, or process such items from their farm or agricultural operation. Value added products such as jam, beeswax candles or other handmade food products such as baked goods may be sold but sellers of these goods may not comprise the majority of vendors. Flea markets, yard sales and auctions are not considered farmers market. (Added by Ordinance 2016-06, dated 3/28/2016)

An application for a Farmers Market (PDF) is available on-line. For additional information, please do not hesitate to email Sam Maurer, Assistant Zoning Officer, or call 717-569-6406 ext. 1124.