Pet Preparedness

What is in your Pet Preparedness Kit

A significant number of families have pets and they need to be ready for a disaster too. Below are items to have ready to go in your pet emergency kit.

What  Goes In Your Pet Emergency Kit:

  • Food and water (3 days) bowls, manual can opener
  • Medicines, medical records, and first aid kit
  • Collar with ID tag, harness, or leash (include backups)
  • Crate or pet carrier
  • A picture of you and your pet together
  • Important documents: registration & vaccination
  • Familiar items: favorite toys, treats, and bedding
  • Plastic bags/litter for cleaning up after your pet

Pet Emergency Preparedness - Be prepared. Protect your pets.

1 - Get a Rescue Alert Sticker
These stickers are placed on a front-facing window, and will alert rescue workers of the presence of pets inside your home.

2 - Put Together an Emergency Pet Supply Kit
See above.

3 - Have a List of Pet Friendly Hotels and Shelters
Many emergency shelters during a disaster will not allow pets. Have a list of pet-friendly hotels along your evacuation route, or the contact information for a pet shelter you can drop your pet off at.

4 - Keep Identification On Your Pet and an Extra Copy in the Emergency Supply Kit
Micro chipping your pet is extremely beneficial to reuniting you with them in the event you are separated. Place veterinarian, kennel, vaccination records, etc in waterproof bags.

In case you can't get home due to an emergency or illness, make sure your pets are taken care of. Cut out this card and carry it in your wallet, purse or backpack, or leave it in your car to inform first responders or others, that pets are home and need cared for. 

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