Planning Commission


  • Second Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. (Planning Meeting) - Please check the Calendar for exceptions.
  • Third Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. (Regular Meeting) - Please check the Calendar for exceptions.
  • Manheim Township Municipal Office
    1840 Municipal Drive
    Lancaster, PA 17601

Planning Commissions’ Latest Agenda(PDF)

Planning Commissions’ Minutes(PDF)


  • Jeffery E. Swinehart, Chairperson
    Term Expires: January 2024
  • John Shipman, Vice-Chairperson
    Term Expires: January 2026
  • Stacey W. Betts
    Term Expires: January 2026
  • John Hendrix
    Term Expires: January 2027
  • Roy E. Baldwin
    Term Expires: January 2024
  • Jennifer B. Rule
    Term Expires: January 2024
  • Elizabeth C. Ross
    Term Expires: January 2023
  • Michel Gibeault
    Term Expires: January 2027

Become a Volunteer(PDF)


The Manheim Township Planning Commission is an independent advisory board established by the Board of Commissioners in accordance with the PA Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247. The Planning Commission serves the community by providing specialized assistance to the Board of Commissioners and the community in formulating Township long-term planning policies and providing comments and recommendations (current planning) on subdivision plans and land development projects being undertaken in the Township. The Planning Commission also is involved in policy-making processes and ordinance preparations regarding land use, development and similar growth management tools and techniques.

In its role as a recommendation body to the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission does the following:

  • Reviews and comments on Comprehensive Plan issues,
  • Prepares zoning ordinance amendments for consideration by the Board of Commissioners,
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on proposals to rezone land in the Township,
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on land development and subdivision plan applications,
  • Reviews and comments on the Township's Capital Improvements Program, and
  • Conducts public meetings, planning studies and performs other related projects independently and/or at the request of the Board of Commissioners.

The Manheim Township Planning Commission has seven (7) members who are residents of the Township. Each member is appointed by the Board of Commissioners for a term of four (4) years.