Get a peddler's license

A license or permit for peddling and soliciting may be obtained by contacting the Manheim Township Police Department.

Individuals must complete a written application which shall contain such information as is reasonably required by the police department, shall pay a license fee, and shall permit the police department to photograph the individual for the purpose of personal identification. Applicants that wish to engage in magazine sales for profit must first provide a current license issued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office as required by the Consumer Protection Law.

Applicants must, at their own expense, provide a completed criminal records check from the state in which they reside dated within thirty days of the date of application for the solicitor's permit.

Following the completion of the application and the payment of the license fee, the police department shall have five working days to investigate the applicant.

The Chief of Police, or his authorized deputy, may refuse to issue a license in cases where investigation shall disclose a criminal record or any false or misleading statement on the application. The appeal on the refusal to issue a license shall be made within five (5) days to the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners by filing written notice of appeal with the Township Secretary. The decision of the commissioners shall be final.

The Chief of Police, or his authorized deputy, is hereby authorized to suspend or revoke any license issued when he deems such suspension or revocation to be in the interest of the public health, safety, or morals, or for violation of any of the

provisions of this article or for giving false information upon any application for a license. Appeals from any suspension or revocation may be made in the manner as license denial appeals as outlined in the Township Code of Ordinances.

All licenses shall be dated and signed by the Chief of Police or his authorized deputy and shall be valid for that period of time desired by applicant, not to exceed 180 days. The license shall be in the individual's possession while engaged in solicitation and shall be exhibited upon request to all police officers, township officials and residents of the township.

Solicitors, whether licensed or exempted, with the exception of mobile ice cream vendors, shall only engage in solicitations between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. except by prior appointment. Mobile ice cream vendors may solicit until dusk but may not solicit on high traffic roadways.

Upon expiration, the license may be renewable for additional periods not to exceed one hundred eighty (180) days each, upon registration and payment of an additional renewal fee.

If you have questions or need more information on items such as licenses/permits, please email the Police Department, by mail at 1825 Municipal Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601, or call (717) 569-6401.

NOTE: When contacting the Township, please help us assist you by providing your name, address, and telephone number.