Coordinate a Community Event and Road Closure


5K Run

Community events begin with an idea and end with something great for our residents. From larger events staged at one of the Township's parks to small community events or block parties, Manheim Township is proud to host some of the most popular gatherings in Lancaster County. In fact, there are dozens of special events that occur within the Township's boundaries annually. These events include: amateur and semi-professional sporting events, concerts, performing arts events, community festivals and fairs, block parties, 5K runs and more.

Manheim Township encourages individuals and groups to carefully organize community events and become aware of the important steps they need to take to ensure they are safe and adhere to all laws. The purpose of these events vary, but a community coming together for fun or a good cause is always a great thing. However, there are proper steps, minor costs, and requirements in place to ensure sponsors and organizers are planning ahead and making these programs safe and convenient for citizens and visitors.

Community Event / Road Closure Application

No two community events are the same. However, the one step that is consistent for everyone is advance planning and knowledge of the Township's Community Event/Road Closure Review Application process that includes the payment of application fees, review of the event plans by the Manheim Township Police Department, and certain services required or offered by the Township. The Community Event/Road Closure Review Application can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Community Event / Road Closure Review Application

Application and Review Process

Street Fair

Start by asking yourself, “Does my event fit into the category of community event?" Manheim Township does not have a formal definition of a community event. However, if your event is going to bring in participants from outside the Township, have over 100 people, be held outdoors in a public park, requires closure of one or more public street(s) or public land, is for a specific purpose, involves a formal open registration process, constitutes a fundraising event, and/or meets all or part of the items above, your activity is a community event. Completion of a Community Event/Road Closure Review Application is required when the above conditions are present.

When you are certain that your community event will require use of public streets and street closures, the following steps will need to be completed prior to the Board of Commissioners taking action to approve the closure of public streets.

STEP 1 – Applicant/Sponsor obtains the COMMUNITY EVENT/ROAD CLOSURE REVIEW APPLICATION from Township website, Police Department or Administrative Offices.

STEP 2 – Applicant/Sponsor fills out the Application form and puts together the required information (e.g. map/site plan of event location or route, location of barricades planned, traffic control, description of event layout, etc.). Applicant/Sponsor pays with the submitted Application form a fee as approved by the Board of Commissioners and indicated on the application. Checks to be written to Manheim Township. All information and your check should then be forwarded to: Manheim Township, 1840 Municipal Drive, Lancaster PA 17601.

STEP 3 - Applicant/Sponsor contacts the Police Department for a meeting to review police, security service needs, and requirements. This review must be done at least 45 days in advance of the event. NO APPLICATIONS will be processed if delivered less than 30 days before the scheduled event.

STEP 4 - If the event will be staging or taking place in a Manheim Township park, the application information shall be forwarded by the MT Police Department to the Department of Recreation and Park Planning for comment and review.

STEP 5 - Police department staff review the application and event materials and develop recommendations (police services, location of barricades) and complete Section K. of the Community Event/Road Closure Review Application. Police department may attach additional directives and recommendations to Application form and return materials to the Applicant/Sponsor if suitable. MT Police will determine feasibility/safety of the route and approve/disapprove based on its findings. Police will determine number of barricades and police officers necessary to provide for public safety. Application process stops here if road closure for event is not feasible. If applicable, Recreation and Park Planning will also submit comments for application.

STEP 6 – Following recreation and police department review and recommendation to proceed with the event, Applicant/Sponsor will deliver the Community Event/Road Closure Review Application to Township Manager’s Office with all completed application information. The application will be executed by Applicant/Sponsor representative.

STEP 7 - Applicant/Sponsor submits Certificate of Liability Insurance form naming the Township of Manheim, 1840 Municipal Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 as a named insured.

STEP 8 - Upon receipt of items in Step 7 and 8, Manager’s Office prepares road closure motion for Board of Commissioners' next regular public meeting with all application materials and information included.

STEP 9 - Board of Commissioners takes action at its next available meeting.

STEP 10 - Manager’s Office notifies Applicant/Sponsor of Board of Commissioners' action regarding road closures.

STEP 11 - Applicant/Sponsor, if applicable, works with police department and public works department on arrangements for required police services, rental of cones, rental of barricades, etc. Costs for police service hours will be tabulated by police department. Other costs will be tabulated and billed by other respective departments.

STEP 12 - Finance Department and/or police department will bill for requested Township services. Bills will be processed through normal billing procedures by Public Works, Police Department, etc.

STEP 13 - If applicable, Applicant/Sponsor will implement local notifications to affected neighborhoods of streets to be closed. Notice will be sent/delivered by the Applicant/Sponsor to affected residents no less than one (1) week before the event and no more than two (2) weeks before the event.

STEP 14 - Township will work with Applicant/Sponsor regarding the delivery of services required or ordered by Applicant/Sponsor for the event.

STEP 15 - Event is held as planned. Applicant/Sponsor is responsible for all cleanup and for returning the park or street to its previous condition.

NOTICE: Manheim Township may refuse any application received less than 45 days before the event or lacking requested information. NO application will be accepted LESS THAN 30 days prior to the proposed event. Any information required by the application must be complete upon submittal as indicated above. Incomplete applications may be denied. When received, an application is subject to approval of the police department, recreation department, and all departments involved.

SUGGESTION: A good map and site plan defining the race route or placement of barricade locations, exit location, trash, restrooms, signage, vendors, staging areas, etc. is very important and can be very helpful in understanding the event and its potential problems.