Alterations to an existing structure and/or change of current use of space within a structure may require a building permit.

Building Permit Required

  • The following alterations would require you to obtain a building permit.
    • Structural alterations including, but not limited to creating or enlarging openings in bearing walls
    • Making structural repairs to your dwelling including foundation wall repairs, floor system repairs, roof or ceiling framing repairs, dormer additions or modifications
    • Moving of interior structural members or altering structural members
    • Changing the layout of interior spaces
    • Changing the use of interior spaces
    • Replacement and/or repair of exterior finish systems such as stucco, EIFS, thin stone veneer or similar exterior finish systems
  • Submit the following in person or via first class mail for review and approval:
  • Review the Residential Addition/Alteration Submittal Guide (PDF) for permit and plan requirements. 
  • If you have questions with the building permit process contact the Department of Code Compliance
  • You may request a copy of a site plan of your property by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department. Be sure to include your address in your request.

Building Permit Not Required

  • No permits needed for cosmetic work including replacement of windows (like for like with no increase in structural opening), re-roofing, new siding, replacement of cabinets if layout and counter sizes not changing, replacement of doors and/or interior trim.