Basement Interior Perimeter Drainage System

Building Permit

A Building Permit is needed for the installation of an interior perimeter foundation drainage system. The property owner or authorized agent (contractor) will need to make application prior to installation.

  • Submit the following in person or via first class mail for review and approval:
    • Completed and signed Building Permit Application (PDF)
    • Completed Fee Schedule Worksheet.
      • Residential Fee Worksheet (PDF)
      • Two (2) copies of complete plans and specifications.
        • Type of system to be installed with a sketch floor plan showing:
          • Location and amount of perimeter drainage system to be installed
          • Location of sump pits (new and existing) and any existing electrical panel(s)
          • Location of any new or existing receptacles for sump power.
            • New receptacles to be grounded, tamper resistant GFCI devices
            • Existing receptacles to be grounded type receptacles
          • Location of sump discharge piping that extends at least 5 feet from the foundation and at a point that does not create a nuisance to adjacent property lines, and no closer than 10 feet from the street right-of-way
  • Two inspections are needed as part of a perimeter foundation drainage system.
    • Pre-pour inspection once walls have been drilled, perimeter drain installed and prior to pouring concrete.
    • Final inspection to verify any new electrical installations for sump pump power (if applicable) and for radon sealing of system if an active radon system is present.