Commercial Building Permits

Building permits are needed for the construction of new commercial buildings, additions to commercial buildings and for alteration/tenant fit-outs.   


Planning and Zoning Requirements

Public Works Requirements

Code Compliance Requirements

  • Submit the following in person or via first class mail for review and approval:
    • Completed and signed Building Permit Application (PDF)
    • Completed Fee Schedule Worksheet.
    • Two (2) copies of complete plans and specifications. Most projects will require plans signed and sealed by a PA registered architect or professional engineer.
    • Two (2) copies of energy evaluations (COMCheck or equal) for building envelope, interior and exterior lighting, and HVAC.
    • Two (2) copies of automatic fire sprinkler system and standpipe systems.
      • Complete drawings, hydraulic calculations and specification/material data sheets.
      • All drawings to be signed and sealed by a NICET Level III or IV or PA registered design professional
    • A completed Fire Protection System Plan Submittal (PDF) for fire alarm systems and for the supervision of fire sprinkler systems.
      • Required fire alarm systems are to be certificated by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Examples of such are Underwriters Laboratories (UL), FM Global (FM), Intertek-ETL, etc. 
    • Complete the Fire Protection Detection Release Form (PDF) if you would like to defer the submittal of fire sprinkler and/or fire alarm plans/specifications.
    • Two (2) copies of signed & sealed geotechnical reports, when applicable.
    • Submit copies of PA Labor and Industry approval for elevators and boilers over 199,000 BTU.
    • Submit copies of approvals from PA Department of Health when applicable.
    • For new construction, submit a LASA sewer connection permit.
    • For new construction, submit evidence of the City of Lancaster domestic and fire water design approvals. 
    • For new fire sprinkler systems submit a copy of the City of Lancaster’s water capacity approval that specifies the available water supply for the project address.
  • Review the Commercial Construction Submittal Guide (PDF) for permit and plan requirements.
  • If blasting is necessary, contractors are to be licensed. 
    • Complete the  Blasting Contractor Registration Form (PDF) for blasting registration.
    • Obtain a Fire Permit (PDF) prior to blasting. You will need to provide the street address and lot number, which you may obtain from the general contractor, prior to making application for blasting. A permit is require per address. The UCC Mandated Education Fee is the only fee required for each fire permit for blasting.

  • If an above ground or below ground storage tank for combustible and flammable liquids is to be installed, a Fire Permit is to be obtained.  The information required is the property owner’s name, contractor’s name, project location,  brief description of the project and the dollar value of the project. Either the property owner or agent of the owner (i.e. contractor) can make application for a Fire Permit.

  • If you have questions with the building permit process contact the Department of Code Compliance