Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler installations are to be completed once a building permit has been obtained. Sprinkler system and fire alarm work installed as part of a new building, addition, alteration and/or a tenant fit out is to be done under the project building permit.  A separate building permit is not to be obtained for the sprinkler system and fire alarm work unless the only work is for the installation of the sprinkler system and/or fire alarm system. All sprinkler systems are to be supervised by a fire alarm system installed by a licensed fire alarm contractor and inspected by Manheim Township.  Fire alarm testing and approval is integral with all sprinkler systems and such systems will not be approved until both the sprinkler system and the associated fire alarm system is tested and approved.

Building Permit Requirements

Fire Sprinkler System Requirements

  • Two (2) copies of automatic fire sprinkler system and standpipe systems.
    • Complete drawings, hydraulic calculations, project specifications and all material data sheets
    • All drawings to be signed and sealed by a NICET Level III or IV or PA registered design professional
  • For new construction, submit evidence of the City of Lancaster domestic and fire water design approvals. 
  • For new fire sprinkler systems submit a copy of the City of Lancaster’s water capacity approval that specifies the available water supply for the project address. Review the City of Lancaster Water Capacity Request website for contact information and for capacity request requirements.
  • Review Administrative Order #2017-3 Fire Protection Systems (PDF) for Township specific requirements associated with sprinkler systems, connection and signage requirements. 

Fire Alarm System Requirements

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems, Automatic Fire Detection Systems, Supervision of Fire Sprinkler Systems

A building permit is needed for any non-residential (required or otherwise) fire alarm, fire detection or fire alarm supervision of a fire suppression system to be installed, enlarged or extended. As noted earlier, the installation of a fire alarm system as part of new construction, addition, alteration and/or tenant fit out is to be completed under the project building permit.