Commercial Electrical Permits

Alterations to an existing structure and/or change of current use of space within a structure may require a building permit or an over-the-counter permit.

  • Building Permit Required: Structural alterations with new openings in bearing walls, moving of interior structural members, changing the layout of interior spaces, changing the use of interior spaces.
  • Electrical Permit Required: When the scope of the proposed project does not include any structural changes or change in use, but does include electrical work, then a Commercial Electrical Permit (PDF) is required to be obtained.
  • Electrical work includes, but is not limited to the installation or replacement of:
    • Electrical service replacement (Meter base, disconnect(s) and/or electrical panels/sub-panels) 
      • A PPL Work Order Number is needed for all electrical service replacements. Contact PPL directly to obtain the work order number for the project
    • New circuit(s) or extensions of existing circuits with the addition of new receptacle locations and/or lighting fixtures
    • Re-wiring including, but not limited to, new home run circuit wiring to existing receptacles and/or lighting fixtures
    • New circuit(s) for equipment or other motor loads
    • New circuit(s) and/or wiring to exterior lighting, low voltage transformers, exterior receptacles, and other 110-volt landscape lighting
  • The permit fee, due at time of application, is based on the dollar value of the project. Review page 4 of the Building Permit Fee Schedule (PDF) for electrical permit fee information.
  • Either the property owner or agent of the owner (i.e. contractor) can make application for an Electrical Permit.
  • An Electrical Permit is valid for six months from date of issuance.
  • All new work is subject to field inspection and approval prior to concealment and when work is completed.
  • If you are unsure what, if any, type of permit your project will require, please contact the Code Compliance Department prior to the commencement of any work.