Codified Code of Ordinances/ Planning & Zoning Ordinances

The Township's Code of Ordinances has been developed over time in a collaborative effort between the Board of Commissioners, citizens, staff, and legal counsel. The ultimate responsibility for adopting local laws and regulations rests with the elected Board of Commissioners, but the result of these efforts in governing the Township has produced a single, reliable reference resource for citizens and government officials to use. The codified Code of the Township of Manheim contains all of the administrative and regulatory laws of a general and permanent nature, with the exception of the Manheim Township Zoning Ordinance, the Manheim Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, the Manheim Township Floodplain Ordinance and the Manheim Township Stormwater Management Ordinance; these four Ordinances are available in our Document Center under Planning and Zoning:

Planning & Zoning Ordinances

Code of the Township of Manheim (eCode360 2/26/13 w/ amendments) website

What is Codification?

To "codify" means to arrange and systematize. Codification is simply the collection and organization of all the Township adopted ordinances of a general and permanent nature into a numbered and organized document that is easy-to-read, search and easy-to-access.

Why a Codified Code?

To manage and monitor the ever-changing regulations and ordinances adopted by the Board of Commissioners for the community, the Township maintains a codified ordinance system. The system is used by the Township Solicitor, Township Police Department, Code Compliance Department, Planning and Zoning Department, Township Manager, Engineer and other departments and staff as they provide services and implement the ordinance requirements on a day-to-day basis within the Township.

The codified ordinance is also used by the District Magistrate, in some instances, in addressing enforcement actions where the code is being legally enforced. Most importantly, codification is a way to ensure that the average citizen (not just elected and appointed officials or staff) are able to access, review and learn about Township governance and the ordinances that may be influences on their daily lives and livelihoods. The ordinances that are not included in The Code are displayed on our website for your convenience in the Document Center under Planning and Zoning.