In-Home Occupation Application

A home occupation is a business, profession, occupation, or trade conducted for financial gain or profit and located entirely within a residential dwelling or within a detached private garage located on a residential lot. A home occupation is accessory, incidental, and secondary to the use of the dwelling for residential purposes and does not change the residential character or appearance of the dwelling or detached garage.

There are two classifications of home occupations: Minor Home Occupations and Major Home Occupations. Minor Home Occupations require submission and approval of a Minor Home Occupation permit while a Major Home Occupation first requires approval from the Zoning Hearing Board before a Major Home Occupation permit can be approved.

Permitted Minor Home Occupations are:

  • Artists, craftsmen and sculptors;
  • Authors and composers;
  • Office facilities, excluding medical and dental offices;
  • Individual tutoring;
  • Preparation of food or food products to be sold or served off-site;
  • Individual instrument instruction, provided that no instrument may be amplified;
  • Telephone solicitation work;
  • Minor Family Child Day Care center not involving more than three children unrelated to the operator (See additional requirements for “In-Home Child Day Care Facilities”).

Permitted Major Home Occupations:

  • Any uses permitted as a minor home occupation;
  • Medical and dental offices;
  • Single chair hair stylists;
  • Organized classes with up to six (6) students at a time;
  • Television, computer and other electrical repairs excluding major appliances such as refrigerators or stoves;
  • Upholstering;
  • Major Family Child Day Care Center in which child day care is provided at any one time to no more than six (6) children unrelated to the operator (See additional requirements for “In-Home Child Day Care Facilities”); and
  • Uses not listed that, in the opinion of the Zoning Officer and upon review and approval of the Zoning Hearing Board, are considered to be of the same general character as the major home occupations permitted.

View the Home Occupation Application (PDF) and view the form to submit a request to the Zoning Hearing Board (PDF).