How to Obtain a Permit


Zoning Permits

Zoning Permit Application Package PDF or complete this fillable online application.

Zoning permits are required for all new construction not requiring a building permit.

Accessory structures such as sheds and outbuildings; decks; patios and paved terraces; sidewalks or walkways, fences and gazebos. For more information, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department.

For changes, additions or modifications to a property which only require zoning review and approval, a Zoning Permit is the only permit required. This includes:

  • Sheds and outbuildings (prefabricated or site-built) which are 400 square feet or smaller.
  • Decks in which the walking surface of the deck is 30 inches or less above the ground.
  • Patios and paved terraces
  • Fences and landscape walls
  • Sidewalks or walkways not in the “road right-of-way”.
  • Detached private garage 400 square feet or smaller.
  • Any other items the Zoning Officer should deem appropriate.

Not sure if your property is considered residential or non-residential? Still confused about what type of permit may be required? Contact us, we are here to help you through this process.

It is our goal to review and approve all permit applications within ten business days from the date of submittal. During the spring and summer months, the time required will increase due to the number of plans requiring review. Each permit is reviewed in order of submittal and no work may commence until approved. Please plan accordingly!

Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application.PDF

In-Home Occupation Permit

In-Home Occupation Application Page

A home occupation is a business, profession, occupation, or trade conducted for financial gain or profit and located entirely within a residential dwelling or within a detached private garage located on a residential lot. A home occupation is accessory, incidental, and secondary to the use of the dwelling for residential purposes and does not change the residential character or appearance of the dwelling or detached garage.

There are two classifications of home occupations: Minor Home Occupations and Major Home Occupations. Minor Home Occupations require submission and approval of a Minor Home Occupation permit while a Major Home Occupation first requires approval from the Zoning Hearing Board before a Major Home Occupation permit can be approved.

View the Home Occupation Application (PDF) and view the form to submit a request to the Zoning Hearing Board (PDF).

Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit

Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit Page

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is an independent, self-sufficient dwelling unit, with complete kitchen and bath facilities, which is either entirely contained within a single-family dwelling unit and has direct access to the outdoors, or which has a common hall with a single-family detached dwelling for occupancy by either an elderly, handicapped, or disabled person related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the occupants of the principal dwelling. An Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit is required.

Follow this link to obtain a permit application and instructions for applying for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit (PDF).

Temporary Retail Sales Permit

Temporary Retail Sales Permit Page

Temporary retail sales is defined as the offering of goods for sale to the public from a temporary structure or from a location out of doors where goods are not normally displayed as part of a permanent, ongoing retail establishment. Examples of temporary retail sales include the selling of flowers before and on holidays such as Mother’s Day and the sale of fireworks on Independence Day or the sale of holiday trees.

View the Temporary Retail Sales Permit Application Package (PDF)


Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Certificate of Use and Occupancy, Fire, Pool/Hot Tub

Building Permit

It is our goal to review and approve all permit applications within ten business days for residential and 25 business days for non-residential projects from the date of submittal. Each permit is reviewed in order of submittal and no work may commence until approved. Please plan accordingly!

Electrical Permit

Plumbing/Mechanical Permit

  • Complete the Plumbing / Mechanical Permit Application (PDF)
  • Submit the completed Permit Application in person or via first class mail to the Code Compliance Department
  • For over-the-counter Permits, submit applicable fee at time of submission
  • Call or office at 717-569-6406, extension 6 for required rough and/or final inspections

Certificate of Use and Occupancy Permit

Fire Permit (Blasting, Fireworks, and Install/Remove Tank)

Fire Permit (Agricultural Burning and Bonfires)

Pool/Hot Tub Permit

  • Submit the following in person or via first class mail for review and approval: