Stormwater Management Plan

A stormwater management plan is a plan prepared by a professional registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania indicating how stormwater runoff will be managed at a particular site according to the ordinance provisions. The stormwater management plan shall consist of plans, calculations, narrative and supplemental information as required.

A stormwater management plan is required for development of any kind where a preliminary or final plan is required; removal of ground cover, grading, filing or excavation of a property which consists of more than 5,000 square feet; the construction of new or additional impervious surfaces (driveway, parking lots, sidewalk, patios, etc.) and associated improvements; the construction of new buildings or additions to existing buildings; installation or alteration of stormwater management facilities and appurtenances thereto; diversion or piping of any natural or man-made stream channel or any other regulated activities where the Township determines that said activities may affect any existing watercourse’s stormwater management facilities or drainage patterns.

You must submit an Application for Consideration of Stormwater Management Plan (PDF) along with the appropriate fee Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule and the necessary documents as described in the Stormwater Management Plan Checklist (PDF). You can also refer to the Stormwater Management Reference Manual Stormwater Reference Manual (2023)

Applicants are encouraged to schedule a pre-application meeting to review the Applicant’s overall stormwater management concept with the Township. The pre-application meeting is not mandatory but is strongly suggested. The pre-application meeting, shall not constitute formal filing of a plan with the Township or imply any approvals by the Township.

Note: The stormwater management ordinance does provide for stormwater credits and exemptions in accordance with Section 109. Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department for further information.