Subdivision and/or Land Development Plan

The Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance of Manheim Township is the most commonly used development control mechanism in Pennsylvania. This Ordinance establishes rules, regulations and standards for the development and subdivision of land.

Subdivision is the division or re-division of a lot, tract, or parcel of land by any means into two or more lots, tracts, parcels or other division of land including changes to existing lot lines. Any of these measures would require formal submission of a subdivision plan.

Land Development is the improvement to one lot or two or more contiguous lots, tracts or parcels of land for any purpose involving a group of two or more residential or nonresidential buildings or a single nonresidential building on a lot or lots (regardless of the number of occupants or tenure); the division or allocation of land or space between or among two or more existing or prospective occupants by means of, or for the purpose of streets, common areas, leaseholds, condominiums, building groups or other features; or a subdivision of land. Any of these measures would require formal submission of a land development plan.

Subdivision or land development, or the commencement of any development within the jurisdiction of this Ordinance, the Applicant shall submit an Application for Consideration of Subdivision and/or Land Development Plan (PDF), along with the appropriate fee (Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule) and the necessary documents as described in the Subdivision-Land Development Plan Submittal (PDF).

The applicant will also need to file the required number of copies of plans and supporting information, including filing fee to the Lancaster County Planning Commission (Phone #: 717-299-8333).

Plans must be received by the last Wednesday of each month in order to be on the agenda for the following Planning Commission Meeting.

Planning Commission meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 P.M.

Generally, plans will require a minimum of two planning commission meetings prior to receiving plan recommendation and moving forward to the Board of Commissioners.

Upon conditional approval by the Board of Commissioners, Two (2) copies of the plan and One (1) paper copy of the plan will need to be submitted to the planning department in order to obtain all appropriate township signatures. Please allow up to 2 weeks.

After the plans are signed, the applicant will need to call LCPC at 299-8333 to schedule an appointment for plan recording.

Please refer to the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance of Manheim Township – 1998 for additional details on the Subdivision Land Development Process; or contact the Planning and Zoning Department.