Blasting Permit

Manheim Township requires all blasting contractors to register annually with the Township. Our calendar year is from January 1 to December 31 and there is an annual registration fee. Here is a current Blasting Contractor Registration Form (PDF) for blasting contractors to register.

In addition, you will need to obtain a Fire Permit (PDF) prior to blasting. You will need to provide the street address and lot number, which you may obtain from the general contractor, prior to making application for blasting. A permit is require per address. The UCC Mandated Education Fee is the only fee required for each fire permit for blasting.

If you need to obtain a blasting permit for multiple addresses, contact the Department of Code Compliance.

Blasting Complaints

To register a complaint regarding blasting, contact the Department of Code Compliance.

Blasting and explosives use is regulated under Title 25 of the Pa. Code, and is enforced by the PA Department of Environmental Projection, Bureau of Mining Programs.

The Code Compliance Department will compare the information provided by the complainant, ie. date and approximate location of the blasting, with the issued Fire Permits for blasting to determine the location of the blast and the blasting contractor responsible. The Code Compliance Department will then forward this information to the PA DEP, Bureau of Mining Programs so the Bureau can begin their investigation.

The Bureau will begin with a complete review of records and any other information which may be available from the blasting inspector. Review the following from the Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection Agency